Thursday, February 9, 2023
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The Dying of Voice Has Been Significantly Exaggerated

Why has it taken us this lengthy to welcome Senior Analysis Supervisor Paul Brodsky—an A+ podcast visitor—to TeleGeography Explains the Web?

I introduced Paul on to debate our most up-to-date voice report, however we couldn’t assist moving into an entire lot extra. 

We talked in regards to the historical past of telecom and the way voice and web networks examine—and the way that’s impacting voice visitors and income. 

It’s not usually on the present that we get into histories reaching again to a century or extra in the past, however this context is beneficial for understanding adjustments in how people talk in 2023. 

Paul and I additionally discuss in regards to the money cow that voice as soon as was and what’s taking place now. Voice fanatics will respect that we get into the historical past of OTT and VoIP applied sciences and the way they’ve disrupted the market. And we could not omit cell, particularly as Paul got here to TeleGeography from a cell supplier. You may hearken to the entire dialog beneath.

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