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Pink diamond present in Angola is the biggest in 300 years

A superb 170-carat pink diamond found in Angola, Africa has been dubbed the “Lulo Rose.” It’s the biggest pink diamond present in 300 years.

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“Just one in 10,000 diamonds is coloured pink. So that you’re actually taking a look at a really uncommon article if you discover a very massive pink diamond,” Stephen Wetherall, CEO of the Lucapa Diamond Firm, advised The Related Press.

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The diamond received its identify as a result of it was discovered within the Lulo mine, owned by Lucapa. Lulo is an alluvial mine, that means miners discover stones within the riverbed. Lucapa hopes to find kimberlite pipes, underground deposits which might be the principle supply of diamonds.  

“We’re on the lookout for the kimberlite pipes that introduced these diamonds to the floor,” Wetherall stated. “Once you discover these high-value massive diamonds… it actually elevates the joy from our perspective in our hunt for the first supply.”

As a result of if there’s a diamond that giant and invaluable, what else is likely to be discovered within the kimberlite pipes of this southwestern African nation?

Whereas the Lulo Rose is gigantic for a pink diamond, many clear diamonds are available much more jumbo sizes. For instance, the Cullinan diamond, found in South Africa in 1905, weighs in at 3,106 carats. It adorns Queen Elizabeth’s scepter.

Sadly, the diamond biz in Angola isn’t all glitter. Hundreds of small-scale miners throng the Cuango Basin, having God is aware of what results on the river ecosystem. Mining disturbs the aquatic life, birds and wild animals, and doesn’t do a lot to enhance the water high quality. In some circumstances, miners displace former inhabitants, and folks struggle over land and diamonds.

However at the least since 1975 Angola is now not a Portuguese colony. Because the authors of a examine on the environmental impacts of alluvial diamond mining famous, “Earlier than independence, Indigenous folks weren’t allowed to own diamonds; these caught with diamonds had been executed.”

Diamonds are lovely, shiny stones. Sadly, they’re linked to greed and the willingness to destroy something that comes between you and the glittery life an enormous diamond guarantees.

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