How To Become An A&R Music?

What is an A&R Music?

An A&R Music is a person who works in the music industry and focuses on discovering and signing new talent. Also known as Artist and Repertoire, A&R Music is responsible for finding new acts and developing them into commercially successful artists. This type of job requires knowledge of the music industry and an ear for good music. A&R Music professionals are expected to have excellent communication and negotiation skills, as well as the ability to work with a variety of people.

What Does an A&R Music Do?

An A&R Music acts as a liaison between music publishers, record labels, producers, and artists. They are responsible for finding, signing, and developing new talent. They scout for new acts, attend showcases and open auditions, and evaluate music for potential success. A&R Music professionals must have an understanding of the music industry, including how to develop and market a new act. They must also have the ability to negotiate contracts and work with producers, songwriters, and other industry professionals.

How to Become an A&R Music

Becoming an A&R Music professional is no easy task. It requires a combination of passion and experience, as well as an understanding of the music industry. Here are some steps to take to become an A&R Music:

Step 1: Get Educated

The first step to becoming an A&R Music is to get educated. A bachelor’s degree in music business or a related field is recommended for those looking to pursue a career in A&R Music. This will give you the knowledge and skills you need to understand the music industry and the various roles within it.

Step 2: Gain Experience

The next step is to gain experience. You can do this by interning or working in the music industry. This will give you the chance to network and learn from professionals in the field. It will also give you the opportunity to observe how they work and understand the process of A&R Music.

Step 3: Build a Network

Networking is essential for any professional in the music industry, and A&R Music is no different. You should build relationships with other industry professionals, such as producers, songwriters, and label representatives. This will give you the opportunity to learn about their work and find out about new acts.

Step 4: Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is also important for aspiring A&R Music professionals. A mentor can provide insights into the industry, advice on your career, and help you develop your skills. They can also help you make important connections and give you the support you need to succeed.

Step 5: Apply for Jobs

Once you have the necessary education, experience, and network, you can then start applying for jobs. You can apply directly to labels, or you can apply through a recruitment agency. You should also research job postings and attend industry events to find out about open positions.


Becoming an A&R Music professional requires passion, knowledge, and experience. It is important to gain the necessary education, gain experience in the music industry, build a network, and find a mentor. Once you have the necessary qualifications and experience, you can then start applying for jobs. With the right mindset and dedication, you can become an A&R Music professional and help launch the careers of the next generation of artists.