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ios – How do I add a customized button to the SystemKeyboard offered within the KeyboardKit library?

What I wish to do is to exchange the AutocompleteToolbar space of the keyboard with a customized button of my alternative. The KeyboardKit library supplies a SystemKeyboard that mimics the default iOS keyboard.
I’ve tried studying the documentation offered right here the place the next code will use the SystemKeyboard the library supplies and conceal the AutocompleteToolbar:

class KeyboardViewController: KeyboardInputViewController {

    func viewWillSetupKeyboard() {
        setup { controller in
                controller: controller,
                autocompleteToolbar: .none

However I do not perceive how you can exchange that toolbar with my very own customized button that does one thing I would like. I solely perceive fragments of making a button, however not how you can insert it in the proper place, nor do I perceive how the views work. After Googling I solely know that views are just like the UI, however not how issues are “injected” right into a keyboard. It is so overwhelming that I have no idea what smaller items to Google to seek out the reply.

I attempted placing the documentation into GPT4 and have it give me some concepts. It began spitting out some obj-c code and a few View courses. Clearly none labored. I perceive I’ve to name viewWillSetupKeyboard to replace the keyboard however that’s about it. I attempted Googling how you can make an iOS keyboard and that did not work as a result of I must give you the complete default system keyboard look myself. I attempted studying the documentation however I’m too beginner to grasp it absolutely.


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