ios – Flutter: IPA construct finds the GoogleService-Data.plist in folder A however it doesn’t discover it in folder B?

I’ve a pipeline that ought to construct me 2 IPA information with completely different schemes and firebase connection however in the meantime the primary sort file constructed efficiently:

The second throws this:

Xcode construct accomplished.                                           67.7s
Didn't construct iOS app
Error output from Xcode construct:
    ** BUILD FAILED **

Xcode's output:
    Writing consequence bundle at path:

    Configuration is: uat-type
    cp: /Customers/runner/work/1/s/flavors/ios/Runner/Firebase/uat/GoogleService-Data.plist: No such file or listing
    Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code
    be aware: Utilizing new construct system
    be aware: Planning
    be aware: Construct preparation full
    be aware: Constructing targets in dependency order

    Consequence bundle written to path:

Encountered error whereas constructing for machine.
##[error]Error: The method '/Customers/runner/hostedtoolcache/Flutter/3.3.2/macos/flutter/bin/flutter' failed with exit code 1
Ending: Flutter Construct App - iOS

As you may see the information in XCode might be seen:

enter image description here

It finds the file at Firebase/cicd however not at Firebase/uat.

That is the script I exploit to repeat the file based mostly on configuration:

if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" == "Debug-cicd" ] || [ "${CONFIGURATION}" == "Release-cicd" ]; then cp -r "${PROJECT_DIR}/Runner/Firebase/cicd/GoogleService-Data.plist" "${PROJECT_DIR}/Runner/GoogleService-Data.plist"

if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" == "Debug-uat" ] || [ "${CONFIGURATION}" == "Release-uat" ]; then cp -r "${PROJECT_DIR}/Runner/Firebase/uat/GoogleService-Data.plist" "${PROJECT_DIR}/Runner/GoogleService-Data.plist"

I ponder if anybody has any thought what could possibly be the issue, what ought to I attempt to make it work?

Thanks prematurely.