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ABB launches 5-axis, high-speed delta robotic

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ABB IRB 356 robot uses its fifty axis to pick an item

Outfitted with a fifth axis, the ABB IRB 365 can reorient an merchandise in the course of the pick-to-place movement. | Credit score: ABB

ABB launched the IRB 365 FlexPicker, a 5-axis, high-speed delta robotic. The ceiling-mounted robotic is designed for high-speed selecting purposes with a payload underneath 1.5 kg (4 lb).

With a fifth axis of movement, the IRB 365 FlexPicker can change the orientation of the picked merchandise. This permits extra high-speed product dealing with purposes that may not be doable with fewer axes.

The ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker is the four-axis model of this resolution. The brand new IRB 365 FlexPicker extends the FlexPicker household and permits FlexPicker for use for purposes reminiscent of kitting, packaging and parcel dealing with, the place both the infeed decide level or the position location adjustments the orientation of the merchandise.

ABB IRB 365 handles parcels

In a parcel dealing with utility, parcels or bins may require reorientation in an effort to correct place the parcel for barcode or label studying. | Credit score: ABB

With the added mass of the fifth axis on the top of the IRB 365, nevertheless, the payload mass is diminished from the capabilities of the IRB 360. The IRB 365 can decide, reorient and place 1 kg merchandise 120 occasions per minute.

The ABB FlexPicker merchandise at the moment are additionally included within the ABB PickMaster Digital Twin software program, which ABB mentioned reduces commissioning occasions from days to hours and changeover occasions from hours to minutes. 


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