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Since the very first phone call, our customers have consistently remarked on how much support and direction they have received from our company. This has contributed to their high level of comfort. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available around the clock to answer any and all questions you might have until you find a test that is suitable for your circumstances. Whether you are calling as a national corporation, a small business, an individual, or a concerned relative or friend, we never lower our level of commitment. In addition to providing extensive assistance to those in need of a DNA paternity test, we are experts in the rules and regulations governing DOT drug testing compliance.

Same OG seeks out cutting-edge and original technologies in order to deliver the most precise and up-to-date results possible to our clients.

To put it simply, here at Same OG, we are continually investing in our staff members so that we can maintain the highest possible levels of performance. Over 5000 collection sites are located in each of the 50 states, and we also have several national processing centers. Our laboratory network is extensive. There are two different subgroups that make up Same OG.

DNA Paternity Testing Division Carried Out By Same OG

DNA Genetic Testing falls under the purview of Same OG’s initial division of the company. The services of determining paternity, maternity, and siblingship are included in the genetic analysis that we offer.

It is impossible to have peace of mind and a healthy relationship with the person you care about without first obtaining a DNA paternity test. If you’re here, it means that your life took a turn for the worse at some point, because you shouldn’t be here. These uncertainties won’t go away, and the damage they cause to your family will be gradual but sure.

The entire United States is covered by Same OG’s DNA genetic testing services. There is no requirement for you to pay anything in advance. Just give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule as soon as possible. If you have a DNA paternity test conducted by our company, you will have the results in three days’ time. The DNA paternity test has a reliability of 99.9999 percent.

The East coast, the West coast, and the middle of the United States each have a testing center for the Same OG National Genetic Test. The DNA samples can be transported from the facility where they were collected to the laboratory that is geographically closest the following morning. In order to conduct DNA testing, each of the laboratories that make up Same OG Genetic have each been granted a license by the CAP and AABB.

The Paternity DNA Test, DNA Maternity Testing, and Siblingship DNA Tests Are All Under the Responsibility of the Same OG DNA Division. DNA paternity testing is a type of genetic analysis that can be used to determine whether or not a presumed father is the biological parent of a child.

A comparison of the mother’s genetic makeup with that of the child’s is what is done during a pregnancy test. The purpose of our siblingship DNA testing is to provide our customers with the answers to their questions about whether or not they have a blood relationship and which parents they share. All of the DNA analysis that is carried out across our network of labs is carried out by experts who are recognized as among the best in their field worldwide. Employees with doctoral degrees at our company are leaders and innovators in their respective fields. Genetic testing is now considered a legitimate scientific discipline thanks to the efforts of experts who are employed by the Same OG network of laboratories. These experts continue to expand their knowledge in tandem with the progress made in genetics. We are able to perform the most advanced level of modeling and gene compression thanks to the cutting-edge technology that is used throughout the Same OG network of Laboratories.

When it comes to the testing, where the results will influence someone’s life for the rest of their lives, Same OG does not try to save money by taking shortcuts or cutting corners, in contrast to our competitors. Because of this, the results of our DNA paternity tests are accepted by the government, and the labs that make up the Same OG network have the highest level of accreditation available anywhere in the world.

If you need a DNA Paternity Test for a legal matter or just for your peace of mind, our highly trained and caring customer service team will be happy to explain the different types of testing we offer and walk you through the process from the time you make your initial call until you receive your court-admissible DNA Paternity Test Results. Because Same OG has thousands of collection facilities in all 50 states, we are able to schedule your DNA appointment for paternity testing no matter where you are located in the United States. Please give us a call so that our DNA testing specialist can find the collection site that is most convenient for you in your area.

Do not be surprised if you find out that Same OG has a clinic right next door to you that you were unaware of and that they can use to collect a sample of your DNA. We should be able to schedule your appointment for a paternity test using DNA as soon as the following day in the vast majority of instances. It does not present a problem if you are geographically separated from one another. We will not charge you any additional fees if you would like for us to collect your sample at a different time or even at a different collection facility. There is not a single payment, not even a deposit, that must be made in advance. You will be able to take care of the payment for your appointment by the close of business on the same day.

A DNA test must adhere to a stringent chain of custody protocol in order for the results to be considered admissible in court. Our DNA collectors will have to verify your identity by looking at your identification documents and checking them against the records we have on file for the child in order to comply with the standards set by the government.
The taking of photographs at the time that the DNA sample is being collected is an additional component of the Legal DNA Paternity Testing.

Because of this, the government is able to verify that samples were taken from the appropriate individuals. This is because anyone who resembles you can bring their ID with them to the testing. At long last, your fingerprints will be taken by the original collector. Another important distinguishing feature is shown here. When it comes to DNA paternity testing, Same OG is concerned about the cost to your wallet. As a result of this, taking a picture and having your fingerprints taken are both helpful.

Following the completion of the sample collection, your specimen will be inserted into the envelope and then subsequently affixed with a seal. The unopened envelope needs to have both your signature and that of the collector on it. The integrity of the secure sealing will be evaluated at the DNA laboratory run by the Same OG network. The sample will be thrown out if there is even the slightest hint of tampering, which will then result in a recall.

Following the collection of your genetic material at one of the Same OG DNA collection offices, our carrier will safely transport your DNA sample to one of our in-network DNA Laboratories that is accredited by the AABB, FDA, and ISO for the purpose of subsequent testing. After determining whether or not the swabs contain any form of genetic material, the testing facility that is part of the Same OG network will then start the process of extracting genes for further examination. DNA is compared at the laboratories that are part of the same OG network using the list 21 marker technique.

Markers are used to refer to each component of DNA that is made up of a distinct locus. Your DNA Paternity Test will provide results that are accurate and unambiguous if it compares a significant number of genetic markers. Same OG is able to obtain the most reliable results possible and exclude the mother from the testing thanks to the use of the most advanced equipment. In order to conduct a DNA paternity test that is admissible in court, Same OG only needs a sample from the child and the father. After the DNA testing sample has been collected, all that is required of you is to simply wait a few days.

The majority of the results will be posted on our website within three days, and if you would like a hard copy of them, we can mail it to you within approximately five business days after we receive your request.

The outcomes of your Same OG DNA Paternity Test will not be shared with anyone. It is up to you to decide whether or not to keep the results of the DNA test a secret, whether or not to request (or in some cases refuse) custody of the child, whether or not to make a change on the Birth Certificate, or whether or not to use the results for any other purpose. You have the ability to put your name on or remove it from the documents pertaining to your child based on the results of a Same OG DNA Paternity Test. In addition, you have the ability to submit an application for a pension or social security benefits.

In the event that you are still pregnant and have questions regarding the alleged father of your child. A prenatal DNA paternity test is one of the services that Same OG provides. We use a non-invasive method that consists of taking a blood sample from the mother’s arm, and we collect a sample from the purported father by swabbing his cheek. After the ninth week of pregnancy, we are able to determine who the biological father is by removing cells of the fetus from the mother’s bloodstream and analyzing their DNA.

The Prenatal noninvasive DNA Paternity Test is just as accurate as the testing that is done after the child has already been born, and the results are admissible in court as well. It is something that will never leave you, if you ever found yourself having doubts about your child.

These uncertainties are going to bring on feelings of depression and will have an effect on both your life and the life you once loved.

We are here to offer you a straightforward scientific answer to all of life’s problems. Same OG will provide you with DNA paternity results that are the most accurate available. Having knowledge of the truth frees you to make decisions about how you want to live and helps you get rid of negative thoughts. Booking an appointment on this website will allow you to arrange a time for a DNA paternity test to be performed on your child.

The Same OG drug and alcohol testing constitutes the second subdivision. By placing collection sites for drug tests all over the country, a Same OG can provide services that are truly local to each individual. The SAMHSA, DOT, and FDA have all certified the laboratories that make up the Same OG network to be able to carry out urine drug testing, urine alcohol testing, hair follicle drug testing, and hair follicle etG testing. Within one to three days of business, most of the negative results of the hair follicle test can be obtained.

The Same OG Drug Testing Division collaborates with the Department of Transportation, private companies, legal services providers, and the judicial system. Companies that employ truck drivers, pilots, coast guards, and railroad workers can take advantage of our comprehensive drug testing compliance solutions.

A growing number of companies have come to the realization that maintaining a drug-free working environment is critical to the success of their company. Statistics show that businesses that conduct pre-employment and random drug testing have significantly fewer workers who take sick days, significantly lower risks of work-related injuries and workers compensation cases, and significantly better performance from their workforce. Nearly all companies that handle cash and financial information, personal and sensitive data, pharmaceutical production, and pharmacies are required to conduct drug and alcohol testing on their employees.

A pre-admissions drug test is one that is mandated by the admissions departments of many educational institutions, including high schools, colleges, and universities. The Same OG Drug Testing Division collaborates with the various judicial systems across the nation. Urine and hair follicle drug testing that is admissible in court is provided by Same OG for compliance with court orders, probation, and cases involving child custody and divorce. Our commercial customers appreciate the convenience of our online product suite, which allows each company to have its own login credentials on the website and to download drug test results as soon as they are made available. The fact that the results of all drug tests are kept in one location and can be accessed at any time is something that a lot of customers find to be extremely convenient.

Same OG collaborates with the probation officers who are responsible for conducting the mandatory drug and alcohol testing for probation at our labs.

Many worried parents choose to have their children submit to drug testing so that they can recognize any potential issues at an earlier stage and take the appropriate steps to address them. The Same OG also conducts drug testing for divorce cases and cases involving child custody when one of the spouses accuses their former partner of being a drug abuser. The procedure for drug testing with Same OG is uncomplicated and time-saving.

You will need to go through a few straightforward steps in order to have a drug test done on either your urine or hair follicles. On this website, you will find the location of the drug testing lab that is closest to you, and you will also be able to select the type of drug or alcohol test that you require. You will need to sign up for the test and obtain a registration code in order to take it.

You are welcome to walk in at any time during regular business hours to the Same OG Drug Collection facility that is located closest to you in order to obtain a drug testing registration code. When you go for a drug test, you are required to bring a photo identification card that was issued by the government and is still valid. If you are going to have your urine tested for drugs, you need to make sure that you drink enough water, but you shouldn’t drink an excessive amount.

Your results may become less accurate if you drink an excessive amount of water. If you want to take a hair follicle drug test, you need to have enough hair–at least 1.5 inches on your head, or at least an inch of body hair. Body hair can only be used for the 5-panel hair follicle drug test and the 5-panel hair follicle drug test with opiates. We are only able to collect hair from the head for higher drug testing panels as well as for the Hair Alcohol EtG test. If you are taking an instant test, the results will be posted on the website as soon as they are ready.

Following the completion of the laboratory test collection at Same OG Drug Testing, your specimen will be transported in a safe and secure manner to one of the testing facilities that has received national accreditation. The sample will be analyzed to determine whether or not it has been tampered with and will also be screened for illegal substances. In the event that the preliminary test is negative, the findings will be communicated to you via email and made available on the website.

A second round of testing will be conducted on the sample in the event that the results of the first round of testing for drugs or alcohol turn out to be positive. In the event that confirmation testing still reveals positive findings, the findings will be communicated to the Same OG medical review officer (MRO). The MRO, or medical review officer, is a physician who has completed specialized training to analyze the results of alcohol and drug tests. The MRO will make an effort to get in touch with you so that you have the opportunity to provide an explanation.

Your results will be reported as Negative for Drugs or Negative for Alcohol if the Same OG MRO finds your explanation to be satisfactory.
Your drug test results or alcohol test results will be reported as positive if the MRO believes that the evidence you presented is insufficient to reach a conclusion.